My Papers

My published research articles:

Allen, M., M. Dietz, K. Blair, M. Van Beek, A. Lutz, P. Vestergaard-Poulsen, G. Rees, & A. Roepstorff (2012). Cognitive-Affective Neural Plasticity following Active-Controlled Mindfulness Intervention. The Journal of Neuroscience. PDF.

Tylen, K., M. Allen, B. Hunter, & A. Roepstorff (2012). It takes the right pSTS to tango! An fMRI study on social observation and social interaction. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 

Ma, Y., Bang, D., Wang, C., Allen, M., Frith, C., Roepstorff, A., & Han, S. (2012). Sociocultural patterning of neural activity during self-reflection. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, nss103–. doi:10.1093/scan/nss103 PDF.

Allen, M. & G. Williams (2011). Consciousness, plasticity, and connectomics: the role of intersubjectivity in human cognition. Frontiers in Psychology.

Tylen, K. Allen, M. (2009). Interactive Sense-Making in the Brain. In A. Carassa, F. Morganti, and G. Riva (eds.), Proceedings from the International workshop Enacting Intersubjectivity: paving the way for a dialogue between cognitive science, social cognition and neuroscience, Lugano, Switzerland.

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